Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back on track- A community reaches out

As a teacher and a mom, sometimes time gets so far ahead of me I feel like I am chasing after it. As I was taking pictures the other day for a topic I wanted to blog about, I realized how long it had actually been since I had sat down and blogged on this site. Was it because I didn't feel I had anything worthy to say? Was it because POW WOW and holidays tend to put me into another world? I am not really sure but the other day I couldn't wait to get a chance to sit down and write about what I was experiencing from my school.

Last weekend, our community experienced a devastating fire at the apartment complex across the street from our school. The fire took out 20 apartments. Luckily - no one was hurt or killed!! In the process, 6 of our families lost everything they owned. Everyone felt their loss. Immediately our school sent out an email addressing the issue and what we could do to help our families. The next morning, people were bringing in clothes, blankets, and anything they could spare to help them. Fliers were sent home with students explaining what had taken place and asking for donations. The next morning, the response was overwhelming. As I brought in bags of clothes myself, I was almost in tears as I witnessed what our school family has to offer. Our office was literally turned into a department store (except everything was free!) There were coats, shoes, televisions, sheets, dishes, pillows, microwaves, pictures of couches, shampoo, toilet paper, and every size of clothing you could imagine. I took a couple quick pictures with my phone because I wanted to capture the love and support our community was able to give for these families. Throughout the week, we continued to received an immense amount of stuff to help these families get back on their feet. At once point I could hardly walk through the office! Thank you Chets Creek and all our parents for continuously reminding me that our families know what giving is all about.

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