Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Top Blogger!

Today we had our awards ceremony for our first graders. One of our goals this year is for our students (and parents) to be more involved in our class blog. We encourage them to read it with their parents. We entice them with simple rewards when they have posted a comment. For some children, they are excited by what they find on our blog. They can't wait to see pictures or see what our Extra Expedition is. This is especially true for one of our little girls - Faith. Today Faith received the Top Blogger award for posting more comments than any one else in the class. Faith gets on the blog a couple times a week (I am told by her mother she logs in herself) and writes her own comments. She is proud of herself and learning how to type on the computer. She loves to share her thoughts. She is seeing how we can bring part of the classroom to our homes for our families. But more important, Faith (at 6 years old) is learning about the technology that is part of our every day lives. She is a "top blogger".

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Suzanne said...

What a cool idea--Top Blogger!