Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time..Time...Time we ever feel like we have enough of it? As a wife, mom to two BUSY teenagers, and a teacher who loves her job, there is never enough. Especially when there is so much out there I want to do and learn. This year I have stretched myself to continue learning how I can use technology in the classroom. One thing I have learned it that learning about technology takes time. It amazes me when I look at the clock and realize that two hours has passed. Tonight was just another one of those days. I found this great site from Jenuine Tech. This site is dedicated to helping teachers learn how to use technology in their classroom. If you go under the newsletter section, she has an area where she highlights different blogs and websites from teachers once a month. There were so many great sites and so many ideas. If you can, take the time to read and search all there is to offer. I hope you will find new ideas as well. Just remember you'll need a little, okay - a lot, of time!

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Melanie Holtsman said...

I certainly know what you mean. There is so much to explore - those of us that are hungry to learn can get sucked in the black hole of computer time. (Well, I definitely can!) Finding sites like Jen's can help you work smarter not harder. Thanks for sharing it.