Thursday, August 21, 2008

It was a great first day...

Every year we wow our students the first day of school. This year was no exception. Although not only did the students have a wow moment, but I am sure each teacher in our building did as well. This year we were blessed with a visit from Bruce Junek. He gave an impressive discussion of his travels with his wife as they biked across the world. It took them 26 months as they biked through 22 different countries. I highly suggest checking out their website and viewing the wonderful pictures they have taken along their journey's.

When we returned to class we had a scavenger hunt around our school. This year we visited resource classrooms and the office and left them treats instead of finding treats for us. We wanted to let all of them know how much we appreciated them and that we were looking forward to another great year. We also decorated boomerangs we had ordered for the kids. Before we knew it, the day was coming to an end. We put on our new t-shirts and headed down to the lobby for our first of many class pictures. It was a great day to the beginning of a great year. I hope you enjoy our journey not only through our class but through Australia as well.

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Anonymous said...

Dear mrs.harbour.I don't want it to be the weekend! I'll miss you and mrs.vanalstyne!i'm glad it's not five days not with you and mrs.vanalstyne!And again i'll miss you guys.Hope i'll see you guys soon.(And i know it's going to be labor day.) From Julia.