Friday, August 15, 2008

Around the World in 180 days!

On Monday we begin the first leg of our journey around the world at Chets Creek Elementary. I am anxious to share and learn about our country ~ Australia. For me it a place I want to journey to in real life so I look forward to learning about it along with my kids. This is an exciting year as we begin a virtual tour around the world. What does that mean? To me it means there are endless possibilities. How cool is that if we can meet kids in first grade from Australia and the kids can blog about what school is like for each of them. Wouldn't it be neat to blog with someone on the other side of the world about what the daily temperature was and make comparisons between our weather and theirs? What if we studied different places within the country and blogged what we learn for others to read. I know that there will be many ideas that come to mind as we embark on this new year. I hope that you continue to travel with us and read about it through our class blog.

If anyone from Australia is interested in making a connection to our class, we would love hear from you.

G 'day mate!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Harbour! We were here! Faith had a great first day of school!!!! Thank you for being so awesome!! We Love you!
The Gardners