Sunday, March 2, 2008

Goodbye to Q Bear

This week we sent off one of our travel buddies - Q Bear.

The kids loved him but they also loved learning about Q Bears home - Craig, Alaska. The kids loved learning about this small town that has about the same number of people in the town (1,100) that our school does. They also found it amazing that Craig is also a temperate rain forest and gets about 90 inches of rain a year.

This year it has been a great experience for our class to get to know kids from other parts of the world. Not only are they learning about new places but they are also learning to write letters to others about themselves. They have learned that boys and girls all over the world really are just like them although they may have different activities they enjoy depending on where they live. I was so proud of our letters this time and to see how much the children have grown in this area. Here are some of the great notes to Q Bear and his family as he leaves us on another adventure. (Don't forget to click on the student work to enlarge it)








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