Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's our last day...

It's Saturday morning and we all wake up exhausted after a long couple days. It's cold and windy, reminiscent of the night we came. It's been a busy week as we have run around session to session, trying to blog whatever we can, and trying to make sure we get the most out of our time here.

Yesterday I presented my vocabulary unit. It was a first for me. Nervous? Yes, I was. They say it gets easier each time. But an experience none the less. I have presented to my colleagues, run meetings, done demo teaches, and videostreamed and I am fine with all that. I guess I probably wasn't the first time I was put in those situations as well. Now I look at them as if it is not a big deal. Did I learn anything about presenting? Oh yes, get a remote control for your laptop so you are not bound to the same place. Technology problems - I knew there would be something that I was not happy about but I guess that comes along with the situation. I hope that I get to experience presenting again since I know that next time will be easier than this time.

We are off to our last couple sessions this morning hoping to learn a little more before we get back on that plane at midnight tonight. I'm coming home!

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