Monday, January 21, 2008

Technology is invading our classroom once again! -Happy Birthday Chets Creek

This week we stepped into a new area of technology in our class - voicethreads. For those of you who don't know what that is, you are not alone. In order to truly understand what a voicethread can do, you can visit voicethread and click on "What is a voicethread". But more important is understanding what voicethreads can do in your classroom. This week students were able to listen to a voicethread of our schools' Book of the Month - P is for Princess. They loved to watch the pictures displayed on the big screen and still hear my voice reading the story. Students were even more excited when they learned that they were going to be able to voicethread their own stories! I would never be able to describe the smile on each child's face as he/she read individual stories onto the computer and were then able to listen to his/her own voice. Now parents are able to see and hear the work from their child. You too can visit our birthday stories in honor of Chets Creeks 10th birthday this week. You can also visit our reading of the Book of the Month on our class blog!
Welcome to the world of voicethreads.

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