Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What happen to the year??

For some reason, this year has probably been the hardest for me to think and write about when blogging. Of course, going back to Kindergarten after the end of first grade always is an eye opener (you tend to forget how young they are)and how busy you can get but this year I questioned what was important to write about. Did I have anything to say that was of value to another teacher? What would I look back on in another year and learn from what I had written? What positives were happening to me professionally that I needed to write about. As we near the end of the year, I realize that although it has been a tough year, there has been a lot of positives that are worth reflecting on. Many times my husband and colleagues have said to me that I take on too much and that I should learn to say no. But...here are a few of the positives in my year that have made me feel successful. Ask yourself about the positives aspects of your year. It might just make you feel a little more valuable. :)

* I have once again been able to work with a group of teachers that I thoroughly enjoy. Sure...we all have difference of opinions at time, but overall we are a talented group of teachers. Some of these teachers I have been able to work on grade level with for 6-7 years. Some of them I have gotten the pleasure to work with for the first time. Do you appreciate your teammates? Have you told them? Do you enjoy spending time with them outside of the school day?

* I've continued to be a part of a great Target team at our school who continues to stretch ourselves to find effective ways to help kids! Have you taken extra steps with the kids in your class to help them beyond what is expected? Have you made a difference for the one kid you never thought you would reach? Did you help a student from another class become successful?

* I've gotten to continue my role as a science lead which has been my passion for so many years I don't even remember. With this I have continued to work with the teachers at my school and the county teaching science curriculum through our Academy of Science. Do you have a passion about a subject? Does your principal know about it? What steps are you taking to enjoy that passion?

* I have been able to write curriculum, along with other colleagues, that I am proud of. They are lessons that not only align with the standards but are engaging to students. Are you continuing to learn more yourself to be able to deepen the work of your students?

* I was able to mentor a great intern who I know will become a great teacher. I enjoy teaching teachers just as much as teaching children. I have always felt that mentoring is so important at every level. Have you reached out to help a teacher this year? Do people feel they can come to you when they need something?

* Most importantly, I have worked my tail off with the 22 students in my class to help them academically, behaviorally, and socially. I have tried my best to prepare these kids for first grade and find a love of school. If you have any doubt that you haven't made that difference, pick one child from your class that was your biggest challenge in August and where is that child now ~ academically, behaviorally, or socially? Sometimes it just takes a friend to point that out to you.

I hope that as I reflect on my year you can find a way to do the same. I would love to hear from you and the successes you have had this year.

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Michelle said...

Mrs. Harbour, What a great idea! I love this blog. Keep up the great work. From: Michelle at Dr Darryl Field's office. Take care!!!