Monday, September 7, 2009

In the Swing of Things...

Yes, the first crazy couple weeks are behind us and we are getting into a good routine. The students have learned all about the different workshops and the different parts of our day. It is always hard to come back to Kindergarten after looping a class to 1st grade. They are so grown up by the time they leave us to go to 2nd grade that we forget how young those little ones are when they began.

This last week was busy as we began Star Names, Star Book Vocabulary, and our nursery rhyme unit in our Skills Block. In Reader's Workshop we are beginning to learn how to retell stories we have been listening to. This week our focus was on Caps for Sale (one of our favorites). In Writer's Workshop we are learning how to tell stories to each other about all the great things we have done (such as going to the beach). In Math we finished our diagnostic testing and learned all about different manipulative's. Science has been great as we learned that science is the world around us. We also learned about Scientists through out What is a Scientist glog. We have been learning about each other's families in Social Studies which we have enjoyed sharing with new friends.

As you can see, our Kindergartners are busy learning every day. Day #11 - here we come!

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