Monday, January 5, 2009

7 Things No One Knows About Me

Here it goes - I've been tagged to share 7 things no one knows.

1. I love to take pictures - of anything, but especially of my kids and the beach! My best Christmas present this year was my new digital that replaces my old SLR.
2. I played the flute, piccolo, and piano up until 10th grade.
3. I decided I wanted to major in Special Education after sitting in Dr. Mercer's class at University of Florida. Yes, the Dr. Mercer of Great Leaps Reading Program. He inspired me more than I ever have been in my life. Once we were in his upper classes he would take all of us out for pizza because he felt that it was only fair since we had to buy his book for the class. He was a great teacher.
4. I took jazz and ballet classes from middle school up through the day I graduated high school.
5. My two worst classes in high school were Honors Chemistry and AP Physics (especially Physics!). I'm amazed I came to love science as much as I do.
6. One of my first paid jobs was being the perfume lady at JCPenny's. My mom worked there and got me a job when I was 16 years old. I would work one Sat. a month for 4 hours (couldn't take it longer than that) and ask people if they wanted to try a new perfume. I made $6 an hour!
7. I always wanted to work with kids. So when I was 14 I started volunteering at the daycare right by my house during the summer. Each day I would go in and help with anything they needed. I worked almost every day for two summers - free of charge.

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