Thursday, December 4, 2008

Academy of Science

Yesterday I was fortunate to share a demonstration lesson for a group of teachers in our county for Academy of Science. It is exciting being on the instruction end of this new learning as teachers think about the depth of science in their classroom and how to incorporate the 5 E's into their teaching.

After the video conference I was able to spend the afternoon with them discussing not only the lesson but instruction in the primary grades. This is a great group of teachers who are motivated, risk takers, and eager to learn. This year we will have two more AoS days. I can't wait to see the progress they are making in their classrooms.

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Jennifer MacArthur said...

How awesome to think that the county is looking at how you're leading our children's class in learning. We are fortunate as parents to be a part of such a great school. Thanks for all you do.