Sunday, April 6, 2008

Connecting the Work

At Chets Creek we continue to think about how we connect the standards with the work we are doing in our classrooms. One way to show this alignment is through a standards based bulletin board. This month we chose to showcase our story the students made to How Little Cloud Became a Big Cloud. Although we don't have the actual voice thread playing next to it (we are hoping to get that up and running this week)we have the individual pieces of student work up along with the class portion. The rest of the students sheets were placed on the clips so that the whole story would be shared. Parents and other teachers are able to see how influential an author can be to students during an author study and how they are able to take on that author's craft. I can't wait to see how this impacts their narrative writing throughout the rest of the year!

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Ashley said...

Showcasing a students work is always important. Not only do the parents get to see the creative side of their children, but the children tend to think they have accomplished something amazing. It makes them feel really good about themselves and sends out a good message to everyone. Showing progress is easier by posting new things every week and encourages the students to want to do better. I believe this is a great technique/idea and I will definitely use it when I become a teacher.